The Heart of Me


Quiet. So still. Just wait. Just wait.
The words come on their own.
Tentative to see, the heart of me,
And write what they’ve been shown.

Listen. The silence. It’s so beautiful.
Truths appearing. Clear, like stars.
Playing with thoughts. Emotions. Dreams.
Wondering at my scars.

Soothing. Gentle. Prodding. Searching.
The words they come to say…
What they see, in the heart of me,
Before going on their way.


The Looking Glass


How deceitful. My reflection.
My skin, the smooth complexion.
Youth is written on my heart.
One place it can’t depart.

Seasons change, my heart does not.
Breaking. Healing. Staying caught,
In the spirit of the young,
All the passions I have sung.

Years write lines across my face,
Robbing me of seemless grace.
How cold is my reflection.
These tears staining my complexion.

There is more to life than age.
More that’s written on the page.
See past this calm complexion,
To my heart and my reflections.




Born of a worn and weary heart,
Dashing poems. Jotting Lines.
As if in any part,
That would make anything fine.

Pen is scratching in dismay.
Words appearing. Disappearing.
Doesn’t matter what I say.
Just feels better, someone hearing.

Snatch the paper from the floor.
Doesn’t matter. I am writing.
Words come easy, more and more.
Feels like gliding. Less like fighting.

Calm my worn and weary heart.
Writing soothes me. Makes it right.
There is beauty in the art.
A lullaby each time I write.

Poetry Contest Winner: Lucy Williams


Wind rushing through the trees,
Howling like a dog at the moon
Making the leaves rustle,
And the branches sway.
Gnarled roots reach out their claws,
Scrapping at your windows,
Twisting their way around anything in it’s path.
A pattering of unseen paws,
Send chills down my spine,
Screeching to each other in communication,
Barking to other beasts in the blackness.
All in the darkness of the night.


A Call to All Writers!


I simply love reading other people’s poetry! It is always inspiring to see the way different poems reflect the world differently. Perspectives and use of language swirling beautiful on paper to create works of art that touch the heart and glow, like a memory in our minds throughout the day. If you love to write I would love read what you have to say! Send your writings to and I’ll soon post the winning entry! Thanks so much!


Lost in Words Forever


I could be lost in books forever. Steaming cup of coffee at my side, a million words and stories all around me, satisfying my need for conflict, secrets and adventure. Prodding me to write my own words. Books, holding memories like bookmarks in their pages. Letting me relive the shadows of life the way it was years ago. Rustling paper, comfort, and playful thoughts teasing at my imagination.

I’m driven by story. To find my own adventures, to write them and make them, and listen for them in the quiet songs of day to day lives. To tell them and mold them around a truth in such away that anyone hearing will understand. Will feel the warmth. Will want to change into something better. Always changing like the words do. Always singing different songs.