For the Love of Books


This is how I’d spend my days. Surrounded by hundreds of books, whispering their stories to me while I read and paint and fill the room with touches or elegant color, white and purple daisies, soft lush hydrangeas and vibrant poppies swaying in the breeze from the wide open windows. Sheer curtains blowing about as I add yet another lovely vintage book to my cozy library.


India Film Project

India. The colors. The vibrance. The people. The culture.

Amazing. And when I heard my husband and the team at Fundamental Media will be filming a documentary there I was super excited! This is going to be an amazing adventure in filming in a short 3 week time frame. The experience alone will be amazing to watch. I know they’re making a behind the scenes video along with the documentary. The sites and experiences of India are sure to be something simply breathtaking!


We launched this project on Kickstarter and we’ve already seen $5k come in but we still have a long way to go, about $10k. I’d love to personally invite you to be apart of this film. If you click on the link you can watch the promo video and also see the different ways you can be a part of this amazing project and the different rewards you can earn.

India Film Project

Anything you can do would be super appreciated. Thanks so much!

Future Champions of America

I had a chance to travel with Future Champions of America for a while and it was quite the experience. Bleachers packed out with teenagers, gathering to watch Jason spin those basketballs, listening closely as they talked about bullying and drugs and how to overcome and succeed against all the hardships they face.  You’ve never seen such a large crowd get so quiet. Listening. Taking it all in. You could see it made a difference to them. I was something I won’t soon forget, all those teens so intent. Grasping at a ray of hope and strength.

I’ve been hearing about the impact that these motivating messages have had on the district students in Rio Rancho public schools and other places. Teenagers across the nation hearing words of encouragement and strength. I’d just like to personally thank Future Champions of America for all that they invest into the lives of these teenagers.

You can visit their website to find out more about them:


Lost in Words Forever


I could be lost in books forever. Steaming cup of coffee at my side, a million words and stories all around me, satisfying my need for conflict, secrets and adventure. Prodding me to write my own words. Books, holding memories like bookmarks in their pages. Letting me relive the shadows of life the way it was years ago. Rustling paper, comfort, and playful thoughts teasing at my imagination.

I’m driven by story. To find my own adventures, to write them and make them, and listen for them in the quiet songs of day to day lives. To tell them and mold them around a truth in such away that anyone hearing will understand. Will feel the warmth. Will want to change into something better. Always changing like the words do. Always singing different songs.

Moment of Truth

There are some moments in life when, for whatever reason, everything just crystalizes. Freezes for a moment in time and lets you see things the way the really are. And you look around in awe at all the things you didn’t see. Overwhelmed a little…fascinated, and a little sad. Truth so cold and for once, not so vague, looking back at you from your reflection in the glass. You can reach out a touch it, create a completely new life, new dreams, because suddenly the old ones just don’t matter. You kick yourself and laugh at your funny little life. How it was so important, when none of it mattered, really mattered, not even to you. You just got tangled up in too much and suddenly the cold, hard slap in the face is what frees you to be cold and hard enough to let it all go and change. Before the moment disappears and you get lost in life once again.

Glimpse Life

I used to imagine that I would always be on the move. Needing nothing more than a backpack and the ability to spin silvery words, like glistening webs, heard only for a moment and then gone with the breeze. In a small moment, connecting. Touching briefly the hardest thing on this earth to reach…the heart. That’s why I wanted to write.

I would close my eyes and listen to the wind, completely at peace and weighed down by nothing. Free in the truest sense. I guess somewhere along the line most of us lose some of that freedom. Sometimes without realizing it. Sometimes by choice. Others recognize the fragility of things like peace, freedom and integrity, and they fight for them.  I think that is when we lose what we love most…when, just once, we chose not to fight.

It’s easy to get lost in our lives. Side-tracked by all the things that, if we took half a second to look at…are worthless. Even to us. Trouble is we don’t take a second to look most of the time, and when we finally do, all we see are regrets. That’s not what I want to see.

I sit by the river for a long time, letting the sound of the water sooth my mind. It will be my birthday soon. They always seem to surprise me. Years flying by so fast…like pages that are writing themselves. What stories do they tell? What impact have I made? Questions always flood me, filling my eyes … the eyes looking back at me through my reflection. Older. Always older. I didn’t know your eyes could change, but they do.

I guess I’m just wondering about my life. What I want it to be. My regrets. My dreams. It’s good for me to focus. It’s scary … but good. I smile at the words drifting across my screen. I do love to write. To see the words reflect my thoughts so calmly. Making sense to me and reminding me of what I love. And even though another year has passed by …  a glimpse out of the corner of my eye … I still feel at peace when I write. I still want to touch hearts and fight for the purer things. I still want to keep moving forward so that when I look at my life again, I can still smile and think to myself … it was all worth it.




Tonight I am Free

Sitting in a Starbucks, under the soft sounds of Jazz music and the smell of coffee wafting all around me, I sigh and open my laptop, skimming over the stack of emails from clients before looking mournfully at my website. Thinking to myself, for once, pleasure before business. I place my hands on the keys and start to write.

My husband and I are moving soon, to Fresno, California for a job. It’s funny how every time you move, aside from the usually packing and prepping, you always want to make sure you leave the people you love with no regrets. Spend time, have long talks and strengthen each relationship because it may be quite a while before you see them all again.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed sometimes with work and family and every side project under the sun vying for your attention…but it’s not hard to decide what’s important when you pause for a moment and let your heart remember what it loves most. For me, that’s my family. All else is second.

Music continues to play, dancing around on various instruments and bringing a smile to my face. I do dread moving and all that hassle, but tonight I am free. Tonight I am at peace and typing away on my little laptop in a little coffee shop.