“Future Champions of America” Public School Assemblies


This is something every teen should experience!

I recently heard about “Future Champions of America”, a non-profit organization who did a spectacular job influencing the youth in the Rio Rancho Public School District, in Rio Rancho, NM. From several I heard from, this group positively impacted that entire district with their anti-bullying/ goal setting assemblies. I first became aware of their sports exhibition/ character education assembly program through some business groups I’m currently involved with. I was very impressed with what they were doing to reach the next generation.
Our public school students are bombarded by negative influences, but the message Future Champions of America presents comes across as very positive to the students. From all those I heard from, their “just say no” to drugs and anti-bullying message was given in very good taste.
Future Champions is unique in their approach in that each speaker must be a very talented athlete-entertainer to even get in their starting lineup. One in particular, Jason “White Shadow” Gibbons, presents a Globetrotter-style basketball show where he makes all the trick shots, spins multiple basketballs, grabs the attention of the teens immediately, effectively interacting with students throughout six to seven assemblies a day!  I heard from many friends that his assembly speeches went over very well with Rio Rancho Public Schools, in Rio Rancho, NM.
Future Champions portrays a very strong “character-education” message that I believe every school district and superintendent should consider having in their school system. Their website is   http://futurechampionsofamerica.org.

Poetry Contest Winner: Lucy Williams


Wind rushing through the trees,
Howling like a dog at the moon
Making the leaves rustle,
And the branches sway.
Gnarled roots reach out their claws,
Scrapping at your windows,
Twisting their way around anything in it’s path.
A pattering of unseen paws,
Send chills down my spine,
Screeching to each other in communication,
Barking to other beasts in the blackness.
All in the darkness of the night.


Beautiful Moments

A fiery sunset, laughter  with a friend, a kiss in the rain…
Nothing lasts long in this world that we live in,
So take advantage of every little beautiful moment before it slips away…
And when it slips away and you feel cheated, empty, alone…

Don’t be selfish.  Let it go even if it breaks your heart.
Because you’re not the only one who needs beautiful moments to survive…
Just be glad you got the short, heart- warming time,
With your special, beautiful moment.

Poetry Contest Winner: Ravi Tandor

We walk amidst a large crowd,
Hiding ourselves buried in a shroud.
Every individual step, so carefully emulated,
To lessen the risks already calculated.

This mad race for money, for fame,
May one day guilt us with a lot of shame.
For I see “individuals” so rare,
That create the path with no care.

Predefined paths is not where success lies,
For each “I” has its own lows, its own highs.
Each step is laid before us to tread upon,
The joys of deviation, seem to have gone.

The “they” has overwhelmed the “I” ,
the “what” has taken over the “why”.
I see so many “WEs”,
And yet so few “Is”.

I see so many, so many similarities,
That differences are rare, yet rarer individualities.
Move on, I say, for what you are destined,
What heart knows best, the mind  can never comprehend.

View more writings by Ravi at his blog http://ravi-tandon.com/wordpress/.  Thank you Ravi for your thought provoking poetry!

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Mercy – By Arab Writer Chick

A heart inside this chest still beats and dreams

Of harbors, salt on skin and ship horns blowing

In the distance. Alone in my reverie

I sit and I wonder: Will the sea have

Mercy on the fishermen today?

This lovely poem is written by Nezha (Arab Writer Chick). Her blog has been nominated for several awards including the Beautiful Blogger Award, Very Inspiring Blogger Award and Versatile Blogger Award among others. Her poetry and writings are an intercultural perspective on life, art, and the creative process. Give her blog a visit, you’ll find her blog delightful!   http://arabwriterchick.com/

Lovely Blog: Feathers and Cupcakes

The Summer Sun Shone Round Me by Robert Louis Stevenson

The summer sun shone round me,
The folded valley lay
In a stream of sun and odour,
That sultry summer day.

The tall trees stood in the sunlight
As still as still could be,
But the deep grass sighed and rustled
And bowed and beckoned me.

The deep grass moved and whispered
And bowed and brushed my face.
It whispered in the sunshine:
“The winter comes apace.”

I found this lovely poem by Robert Louis Stevenson on an equally lovely blog “Cupcakes and Feathers”. Katrina posts inspiring pieces on various subjects including art, fashion, photography and much more. There is always something to enjoy! Give this talented blogger a visit, it will make your day!