Quote Wallpaper


Free Inspirational Quote Wallpaper: Change

Here’s a wallpaper I designed last night. They are so much fun to do, whenever I get a second I Google a quote I just love and design it! I’ve started an account on Deviant Art for all my wallpapers. If you’d like to see more you can check it out!  http://cherokeelove.deviantart.com/

Let me know if you have any favorite quotes you’d like to see as a wallpaper! I’d love to hear from you.

Free Divergent Wallpaper: Adrenaline

If you’ve been noticing that my wallpapers lately have mostly been designed with quotes with Veronica Roth’s book, Divergent, it’s because I’ve just finished reading the first two installments to her bestselling trilogy, and I love them!

(The quote I used here is from a key scene in the book when Tris begins to truly feel a part of Dauntless by ziplining down a 100 story building with a group of her faction that snuck out that night.)

I’ve always loved reading as a kid, both for the stories and for the illustrations. (My first love of graphic art.) Since my day is spent designing I don’t have time to pick up all the best reads. Thank God for audiobooks!

I actually did not pick up Divergent until I recently found a break in pace and was drawn to it. I love the books presenting dystopian worlds, and seeing how people and societies could be in certain circumstances. Divergent not only did that for me, but the beliefs presented in the book from each faction are touching and empowering no matter what kind of person you are. It’s not just a book that entertains and delights you, it’s a book that inspires you to overcome. To be selfless, intelligent, peaceful, honest and brave. To be Divergent.