India Film Project

India. The colors. The vibrance. The people. The culture.

Amazing. And when I heard my husband and the team at Fundamental Media will be filming a documentary there I was super excited! This is going to be an amazing adventure in filming in a short 3 week time frame. The experience alone will be amazing to watch. I know they’re making a behind the scenes video along with the documentary. The sites and experiences of India are sure to be something simply breathtaking!


We launched this project on Kickstarter and we’ve already seen $5k come in but we still have a long way to go, about $10k. I’d love to personally invite you to be apart of this film. If you click on the link you can watch the promo video and also see the different ways you can be a part of this amazing project and the different rewards you can earn.

India Film Project

Anything you can do would be super appreciated. Thanks so much!


Colors of Venice


Venis, in a way, was like stepping into a graffiti painting. Creatives, artists and colorful skateboarders and performers scattered the street, sidewalks and sprawled comfortably in the grass by the beach. The ocean lulled quietly just a glance away and the smell of smoke and hotdogs wafted up from snack stands. My hungry camera loved this zainy little world.


Thai Checkers

This is one of my favorite pictures, taken in Phuket. I love it because it represents one of the constants throughout the culture of Thailand. Creativity by necessity. These two men are playing a game of checkers with beer and Coke bottle caps that lay scattered in the sand all along the beach sidewalks. They laugh and talk with each other while waiting for tourists to ask about the jet skis, motos (scooters) or tuk-tuks for rent.