Little Gift


Sitting here alone, listening to soft lulls of French music filling the room with calm and color … I’m amazed. That I’m entrusted with a new life. So new. Gifted a miracle to protect and nurture with my own life. My heart beating so that my little one’s heart can beat. This great gift should be earned and deserved. But it isn’t. It’s a gift .. given to me. And I’m amazed.


For the Love of Books


This is how I’d spend my days. Surrounded by hundreds of books, whispering their stories to me while I read and paint and fill the room with touches or elegant color, white and purple daisies, soft lush hydrangeas and vibrant poppies swaying in the breeze from the wide open windows. Sheer curtains blowing about as I add yet another lovely vintage book to my cozy library.

“Future Champions of America” Public School Assemblies


This is something every teen should experience!

I recently heard about “Future Champions of America”, a non-profit organization who did a spectacular job influencing the youth in the Rio Rancho Public School District, in Rio Rancho, NM. From several I heard from, this group positively impacted that entire district with their anti-bullying/ goal setting assemblies. I first became aware of their sports exhibition/ character education assembly program through some business groups I’m currently involved with. I was very impressed with what they were doing to reach the next generation.
Our public school students are bombarded by negative influences, but the message Future Champions of America presents comes across as very positive to the students. From all those I heard from, their “just say no” to drugs and anti-bullying message was given in very good taste.
Future Champions is unique in their approach in that each speaker must be a very talented athlete-entertainer to even get in their starting lineup. One in particular, Jason “White Shadow” Gibbons, presents a Globetrotter-style basketball show where he makes all the trick shots, spins multiple basketballs, grabs the attention of the teens immediately, effectively interacting with students throughout six to seven assemblies a day!  I heard from many friends that his assembly speeches went over very well with Rio Rancho Public Schools, in Rio Rancho, NM.
Future Champions portrays a very strong “character-education” message that I believe every school district and superintendent should consider having in their school system. Their website is

India Film Project

India. The colors. The vibrance. The people. The culture.

Amazing. And when I heard my husband and the team at Fundamental Media will be filming a documentary there I was super excited! This is going to be an amazing adventure in filming in a short 3 week time frame. The experience alone will be amazing to watch. I know they’re making a behind the scenes video along with the documentary. The sites and experiences of India are sure to be something simply breathtaking!


We launched this project on Kickstarter and we’ve already seen $5k come in but we still have a long way to go, about $10k. I’d love to personally invite you to be apart of this film. If you click on the link you can watch the promo video and also see the different ways you can be a part of this amazing project and the different rewards you can earn.

India Film Project

Anything you can do would be super appreciated. Thanks so much!

Future Champions of America

I had a chance to travel with Future Champions of America for a while and it was quite the experience. Bleachers packed out with teenagers, gathering to watch Jason spin those basketballs, listening closely as they talked about bullying and drugs and how to overcome and succeed against all the hardships they face.  You’ve never seen such a large crowd get so quiet. Listening. Taking it all in. You could see it made a difference to them. I was something I won’t soon forget, all those teens so intent. Grasping at a ray of hope and strength.

I’ve been hearing about the impact that these motivating messages have had on the district students in Rio Rancho public schools and other places. Teenagers across the nation hearing words of encouragement and strength. I’d just like to personally thank Future Champions of America for all that they invest into the lives of these teenagers.

You can visit their website to find out more about them:


Colors of Venice


Venis, in a way, was like stepping into a graffiti painting. Creatives, artists and colorful skateboarders and performers scattered the street, sidewalks and sprawled comfortably in the grass by the beach. The ocean lulled quietly just a glance away and the smell of smoke and hotdogs wafted up from snack stands. My hungry camera loved this zainy little world.


City Stars


I’m in a yellow cab, staring down at my phone,
Look up at the glowing buildings, feeling so alone.
Hand against the glass, watching the rain fall,
Power off my cell so nobody can call.

Silence. Music dances on the lights on the street,
Calming my heart and denying defeat.
City stars shine through every window.
Stories behind glass that nobody will know.

Close my eyes, I don’t hear the car horns,
Like touching a rose and avoiding the thorns.
City lights casting reflection like paint,
Across every surface that’s touched by the rain.

Humming it softly, the song in my heart,
The cab stops, the driver waiting to depart.
I glance out the window. The rain beating down,
When it drips though my hair, I look around.

Let the rain fall. Let the people rush by.
I tilt back my head in a silent heart cry.
When I look up again I choose not to see scars,
Instead I will walk down the sidewalk of stars.