“Future Champions of America” Public School Assemblies


This is something every teen should experience!

I recently heard about “Future Champions of America”, a non-profit organization who did a spectacular job influencing the youth in the Rio Rancho Public School District, in Rio Rancho, NM. From several I heard from, this group positively impacted that entire district with their anti-bullying/ goal setting assemblies. I first became aware of their sports exhibition/ character education assembly program through some business groups I’m currently involved with. I was very impressed with what they were doing to reach the next generation.
Our public school students are bombarded by negative influences, but the message Future Champions of America presents comes across as very positive to the students. From all those I heard from, their “just say no” to drugs and anti-bullying message was given in very good taste.
Future Champions is unique in their approach in that each speaker must be a very talented athlete-entertainer to even get in their starting lineup. One in particular, Jason “White Shadow” Gibbons, presents a Globetrotter-style basketball show where he makes all the trick shots, spins multiple basketballs, grabs the attention of the teens immediately, effectively interacting with students throughout six to seven assemblies a day!  I heard from many friends that his assembly speeches went over very well with Rio Rancho Public Schools, in Rio Rancho, NM.
Future Champions portrays a very strong “character-education” message that I believe every school district and superintendent should consider having in their school system. Their website is   http://futurechampionsofamerica.org.

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