Future Champions of America

I had a chance to travel with Future Champions of America for a while and it was quite the experience. Bleachers packed out with teenagers, gathering to watch Jason spin those basketballs, listening closely as they talked about bullying and drugs and how to overcome and succeed against all the hardships they face.  You’ve never seen such a large crowd get so quiet. Listening. Taking it all in. You could see it made a difference to them. I was something I won’t soon forget, all those teens so intent. Grasping at a ray of hope and strength.

I’ve been hearing about the impact that these motivating messages have had on the district students in Rio Rancho public schools and other places. Teenagers across the nation hearing words of encouragement and strength. I’d just like to personally thank Future Champions of America for all that they invest into the lives of these teenagers.

You can visit their website to find out more about them:   http://futurechampionsofamerica.org



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