City Stars


I’m in a yellow cab, staring down at my phone,
Look up at the glowing buildings, feeling so alone.
Hand against the glass, watching the rain fall,
Power off my cell so nobody can call.

Silence. Music dances on the lights on the street,
Calming my heart and denying defeat.
City stars shine through every window.
Stories behind glass that nobody will know.

Close my eyes, I don’t hear the car horns,
Like touching a rose and avoiding the thorns.
City lights casting reflection like paint,
Across every surface that’s touched by the rain.

Humming it softly, the song in my heart,
The cab stops, the driver waiting to depart.
I glance out the window. The rain beating down,
When it drips though my hair, I look around.

Let the rain fall. Let the people rush by.
I tilt back my head in a silent heart cry.
When I look up again I choose not to see scars,
Instead I will walk down the sidewalk of stars.





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