Dark Shadows


Tiny, glistening, crystals fall, they break and coldly shine.
Stunned, cradling a fractured heart. How can this fate be mine?
Dark shadows fell. Love was not there, to heal or even see,
The deathly blows of hurt and loss my love has given me.

Kiss of pain, kiss me again, pinching out the light,
Giving me a poisoned love to hold me in the night.
Those sweet words echo to me, a different meaning there,
Scratching pain into my heart with lies and dark despair.

Precious thing like breath and life has turned to a dark lie,
Deception in the shadows, that watches as I cry.
When shadows stayed, love was not there to heal or even see,
The shadows sinister and cold, wrapping arms around me.


6 thoughts on “Dark Shadows

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