Moment of Truth

There are some moments in life when, for whatever reason, everything just crystalizes. Freezes for a moment in time and lets you see things the way the really are. And you look around in awe at all the things you didn’t see. Overwhelmed a little…fascinated, and a little sad. Truth so cold and for once, not so vague, looking back at you from your reflection in the glass. You can reach out a touch it, create a completely new life, new dreams, because suddenly the old ones just don’t matter. You kick yourself and laugh at your funny little life. How it was so important, when none of it mattered, really mattered, not even to you. You just got tangled up in too much and suddenly the cold, hard slap in the face is what frees you to be cold and hard enough to let it all go and change. Before the moment disappears and you get lost in life once again.


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