“Pretty In Pink” Breast Cancer Support – Mixed-Media Art

This month is Breast Cancer awareness month so I thought I would post about a piece of my art designed especially for those going through or recovering from cancer.

It’s so important to support and encourage your friends and family through the good times and the hard times. I gained a certain awe for all the women I’ve met that face cancer with such strength, determination, and a beautiful spirit. I’ve seen the “I wear pink for my Mom” pins and just love them! But it’s not always your Mom facing that hardship. Sometimes it’s a dear friend.

I made this piece to be a unique gift for such a person. It will fit perfectly on a nightstand or bookshelf. I am a wholehearted believer in encouraging other people, especially through hardships.

It reads: “Some women always inspire others, even when facing tough times themselves. And I’ve been lucky enough to know that you’re one of those women. “

I hope you enjoy this piece! I simply loved making it

You can purchase this artwork at my Etsy shop.


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