Day Dream

Drawing pictures in my mind. Daydreaming like a child.
Imagination soaring higher. Ideas are running wild.
Smiling at possibility. I’m so fond of golden thoughts,
That free you from reality, a place where dreams are caught.

Free from doors that always close, the “no”s and the resign.
I turn instead to reach out for, possibility and design.
Colors twirl and dance along the sunlight’s golden rays,
And battle off the crowding clouds that threaten all our days.

I twist an idea, a little string, around my finger now,
Playing with “if” and “why” like little stands. Tying a knot at “how”.
Reminding me to try it out, the first chance that I get,
And rise or fail, I’ll dream again, because I can’t forget.

I am a child in my heart. An adult in mirrors view.
An artist at my work,  where I dream and reach and do.
I look beyond what I see, for things are never as they seem.
Remembering that things can change as a result of a daydream.


2 thoughts on “Day Dream

    1. Shyannah

      Thank you! Im so glad you enjoyed it! It was lost among a page of doodles in my journal from when I wrote it a few weeks ago.

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