Heartbeat. Steady. Strong. Assured.
Beating. Rhythmic and unheard.
Heartbeat, filled with optimism,
Spreading brightness like a prism.

Life is full of rise and falls.
Chance it. Try it. Risk it all.
Thrill is found in overcoming,
Excitement in a heart that’s drumming.

Heartbeat. The heart breaks and heals,
And learns of wisdom. Learns what’s real.
Values, treasures, love’s warmth and life,
Giving, overcoming strife.

Will you give or will you take?
Life and love. Heal and break.
Heartbeat. Steady up and down.
The beeping, beating has been found.

Someone thought they had a right,
To stop the rise and fall tonight.
Heartbeat, optimistic still,
Even as they see and choose to kill.

Never, now, to rise and fall.
To love. To give. To risk it all.
Little heartbeat no longer shines.
Computer reads a single line.

How can their own hearts not break?
When they, having life, another’s take?
Sweet baby now they’ll never meet.
They took his chance. His small heartbeat.


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