Not Waisted

My mind is too full to express,
This savage passion. This loneliness.
Though love I have and life and friends,
My desperate searching never ends.

My life, is slipping faster still,
Through fingers grasped ‘round solid will.
My heart is thundering strong and proud,
The screaming passions are so loud.

But questions don’t just prod and ask,
They tear at me, their only task.
What in this life is worth the trying?
Success is just a lover lying.

My mind is too full. Thoughts, too vast.
My life too short, moving too fast.
I need to know I’ve made it count.
Though I can’t see in what amount.

My failure is the time that’s lost.
My detriment, the measured cost.
Desperate to know with certainty,
That life was not wasted on me.


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