A Promise to My Little One

Dear Little One,

I’ve already chosen your name.
You’re already so deep in my heart.
I think of you with secret thoughts,
Even though we are so far apart.

You see, I can’t yet feel your gentle heartbeat.
I can’t glow with pride for you.
Because you’ve not yet been given to me,
And I’ve not yet been given to you.

But don’t misunderstand, my Little One.
I love you more than you could know.
And hope for the day when I touch your hand,
Is reason enough for me to glow.

There are so many things, my dear small one,
So much beauty and lessons to share.
I want to whisper secrets of strength to you,
To inspire, to guide and prepare.

I can’t promise the world will be kind,
Or that you’ll never experience pain.
But I promise that I’ll be right there,
To comfort, to love and explain.

I can’t say that this life will be easy,
But I promise I’ll be here to guide you,
So you can stand tall in this crazy world,
With my guidance and love deep inside you.

Little one, I promise I’ll protect you,
And to make you the best you can be,
For you are not just a fond wish,
You are my little one, the best part of me.


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