Winter’s Secret Beauty

Lovely little blue birds, swift and smooth in flight.
Tiny blue/brown wings, contrasting winter’s white.
Chubby little faces, fluffed up against the cold.
How I love theirs sweet songs, bright and clear and bold.

Lovely little blue birds, I’m glad you chose to stay,
And that the mocking winter has not driven you away.
Each season has it’s secret beauties, so easily unseen,
And you are winter’s secret, a lovely little queen.

Such wonder, those sweet blue birds, I watch them taking flight,
They gracefully overcome the cold of winter’s starry night.
I’ll remember to be cheerful. To sing and fly carefree.
Surviving all my winters with the grace the birds taught me.



7 thoughts on “Winter’s Secret Beauty

  1. Shyannah

    Thanks AJ! I don’t know why I wrote this poem in the dead of July, but for some reason when I sat down at Starbucks last night, it just came out on the key board. I started to laugh at myself for it, but I liked it, so I posted it anyway. 🙂 I’m glad you liked it too!

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