Tonight I am Free

Sitting in a Starbucks, under the soft sounds of Jazz music and the smell of coffee wafting all around me, I sigh and open my laptop, skimming over the stack of emails from clients before looking mournfully at my website. Thinking to myself, for once, pleasure before business. I place my hands on the keys and start to write.

My husband and I are moving soon, to Fresno, California for a job. It’s funny how every time you move, aside from the usually packing and prepping, you always want to make sure you leave the people you love with no regrets. Spend time, have long talks and strengthen each relationship because it may be quite a while before you see them all again.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed sometimes with work and family and every side project under the sun vying for your attention…but it’s not hard to decide what’s important when you pause for a moment and let your heart remember what it loves most. For me, that’s my family. All else is second.

Music continues to play, dancing around on various instruments and bringing a smile to my face. I do dread moving and all that hassle, but tonight I am free. Tonight I am at peace and typing away on my little laptop in a little coffee shop.





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