If You Follow…

Before my eyes take hold of sight, before consciousness grasps hold,

An anticipation creeps within to make me ever bold.

I can sense the fiercest freedoms, those that cause a soul to ponder,

And become alone to love the unknown, an eerie beckoning to wander.


All else becomes abandoned, that is why not many go,

But the lonely have no other drive except to see and know.

The air is sharp, I’m stronger, more alive, I am what surrounds me.

I am fierce and wild, mysterious and alone, I am bent on being free.


I open my eyes and suddenly, I choose to be alone,

So desperate to discover the passion of the unknown.

There are dangers, there are endless risks, their will be no one to love,

I am driven purely by the need to dare and rise above.


It is a challenge just within myself, an envy…jealousness,

Of all the things I know I could be, and for freedom’s cold caress.

It is a life to be desired, but consequence is far too cruel,

For to love this life and still be loved is an ever constant duel.


Resign to forget such desperate passions that will lead you where it will,

Or resign to always be alone, and everyday be searching still.

The beauty will lure you, the danger will feed you, the life is simply a call,

I can feel it before my eyes take sight, if you follow, forget it all.


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