So You Want To Change The World?

Have you ever said the words, I want to do something big?
To change the world, and bring good from the worst ?
Or maybe you just whisper them inside your heart for fear,
That you may have to change who you are first.

Fame, position, or recognition are not evidences of change,
This is not what “make a difference” means.
To change the world is to love the world and show them how to love,
To reach the world takes faith in things unseen.

Some people think the world is filled too much with pain and hate,
To make a hard heart soft … would take too much.
So that lack of hope in the mans heart, who wanted to change the world,
Brought lack of hope to the one needing that touch.

Change, in anything, is brought about by something done,
Not by the faith it can be done or will.
But rather change is made first by the heart of just one man,
Who gives and gives, and when hurt, he gives still.

The biggest things in life are often lost in the search for,
The things you think are the biggest things of all.
Just take the time to drop your fears, to talk, to hug, to reach,
For you’ll lose the big if you neglect the small.

Have you ever said the words, I want to change the world?
Then learn to sacrifice, to give and always give.
And by touching all the smallest things in life with truth and love,
You’ll find you’ve finally done something Big.


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