Blogs and Coffee

Shifting colors and graphics please me as I tweak my blog from the dashboard of WordPress. I never thought I would be a blogger, or have anything to do with the design side of web. I’m a freelance graphic designer reaching my fingers toward the illusive world of web design…and I like it!

Usually things like art, writing and designing for myself get forgotten in the cobwebs of my to-do lists. But these last few months I feel like I’ve broken through these barriers and started a poetry blog, an Etsy shop, started contributing regularly to another blog (, and started designing for myself. I am elated!

I feel like a clumsy juggler some days when I have 5 clients moving around deadlines and I miss a day of posting on my blog. I look at it longingly, wishing I had more time to write about my thoughts, not just my poetry. Wanting this to be more than just another blog.

I tweak the color again and smile. Not today. Today I am designing my little heart out delighting at the way my blog is shaping up and weaving  playful words and thoughts into new posts. I so enjoy writing! And I love the idea that someone out there is reading, and just maybe, they are enjoying my writings as well.


2 thoughts on “Blogs and Coffee

  1. Shyannah

    Thanks! I didn’t know you read my blog. It’s great to hear from you! I love and miss you too. Thanks for reading my writings, I hope you enjoy them!

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