Dare To Dream

Untamed lands and fearless wonder,
Lightning bolts and roaring thunder,
Wild winds that cry into the night.

Tempted fate and fierce illusion,
That builds into a strong conclusion,
Soon to come into the realm of sight.

Flaming suns and glowing stars,
Mystery healing the deep scars,
That you get from daring to believe.

And when you venture out again,
To live among the world of men,
You cling to all the things they can’t conceive.

No holds barred on imagination,
Dreams are born from stimulation,
Of the hearts ability to love.

You find that everything worth while,
Is not found in pomp and style,
But comes from when you strive to rise above.

And sometimes you can hold your own,
Better when you stand alone,
So I wouldn’t let the mocking people sway you.

For I know that all existing,
You’ll find if you keep persisting,
So don’t let a single thing delay you.

Life can be the ultimate wonder,
When you bury, six feet under,
All the things you know that hold you back.

Get a move on, life’s not waiting,
Don’t you just sit there debating,
Take you dreams and passions off the rack!


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