Sunshine in the Rain

When the night is darkest, and the rain seems not to die,
It doesn’t even faze the soul that sees,
A whole new world of sunshine reflected in another’s eyes,
Of hope and love and things that might could be.

And when you close your eyes it doesn’t matter what may be,
In the world surrounding you and what you love.
For hope’s too often poisoned by assumed reality,
And hope, the only means to rise above.

When heartache strikes out, tearing from you the thing you hold so dear,
And there’s not a reason given to explain.
Isn’t it a dream that draws a faint hope ever near?
And offers you pure sunshine through the rain?

For the world is cruel and pain dwells in every heart that beats.
It’s easier to hurt back than to love.
But if we shared the hope inside instead of the defeat,
Then people could forgive and rise above.

Circumstances don’t matter much. We don’t always reach for truth.
We reach for comfort to tell us there is light.
When darkest clouds surround us, every elderly and youth,
Longs to feel a hope that’s burning strong and bright.

Seek for beauty. Keep a dream, like a candle in your heart.
Tell of hope. Offer love instead of pain.
And when reality threatens to tear all your hope apart,
Close your eyes and see the sunshine in the rain.



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