Heart Song

You hear it. It allures you. You listen to what it’s saying.
It is humming. It is strumming. It is instruments all playing.
You can hear it. Drawing near it. It is a part of who you are.
There is healing. It’s revealing, like the glowing of a star.

You can hold it in your hand. The strings are silent, feeling cold.
But held by a true artist, the melody is strong and bold.
Anything you want to say. Anything you want to feel,
Can be transformed from heart and mind into something that is real.

You can hear it when you hear it. I can hear it when it’s gone.
A never ending melody. My hearts unwritten song.
The words are all around me in the silence of the night,
The music, it surrounds me till I’m bound and forced to write.

Relief is found in some completion taken form in song,
Revived when others hear it, for they make music belong.
You hear it. Drawing near it. Please listen to what it’s saying,
For the melody around you, is the music my heart’s playing.


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