Inspiring Blog Award

I would like to thank Arab Writer Chick for nominating me for this award. I greatly enjoy your writings and always come away feeling inspired. I highly recommend her blog!

Ok, so here are 7 things about me:

1. My family traveled a lot as a kid so you might say I have a bit of a wanderer’s heart now. I adore travel and recently returned from a 13 month trip where my husband and I volunteered to help nonprofit organizations in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia.

2. I looove to paint! When I’m not doing oil paintings I’m usually trying my hand at mixed media. Either way, it’s not uncommon to walk in my studio and see paint and paper everywhere

3. I love collecting the inspiring books, especially the ones that win the Newberry Honor Award (excellent reading) for my future children. I loved books like Because of Win-Dixie, Bearstone, and A Swiftly Turning Planet and hope my children love them too.

4. My husband makes videos and I like to follow him around when we’re trying to capture “The perfect shot”. You can check out his work at

5. I am a multi-media designer. I do graphic design for print, web design, and photography. I hope to someday get into video. I also dabble in landscape and furniture restoration.

6. I’d be perfectly happy if it was Christmas all year long. Seriously I’m always listening to Christmas music.

7. I hope to make a change in the world. I want to always be inspired and always be working toward something. God gives each of us at least one gift and it is up to us to grow and use it as much as we can. I hope my writings inspire others.

The Seven blogs I nominate for this award are:

1.  – A very inspiring blog for designers of any kind. There are always perfect tips and articles on how to improve.

2. – This blog is such a beautiful mess! She is very creative and is always posting interesting projects, craft ideas and photography tips.

3. – Hostess with the Mostess is the perfect blog to follow if you love to entertain and throw parties, baby showers or whatever the event is. I’ve gotten so many great ideas from here.

4. – Tip Junkie is an awesome website for diy home decor, cooking and entertaining ideas.

5. – If you are ever in a situation where you need to entertain a group of teens or kids, this website is a lifesaver!

6. – I always enjoy reading his blog. He’s so creative and fun! It’s one of those styles that always keep you coming back.

7. – Beautiful and elegant poetry! I love the edgy romantic feel. You’ll love it!


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