Glass Knight

Hold it, touch it tenderly, and know what it is for,

Not just a gift, my love, my dear, the meaning holds much more.

You see this knight, my gentle knight, rescued me from despair.

He runs to me, when desperately, I need him he is there.


You are my gentle knight, and I, a princess bound in soul,

But you set me free, so lovingly, that now I can be whole.

Sometimes you think I no longer need my kind and gentle knight,

To rescue me, to take my hand and lead me toward the light.


But I need you and I always will, my treasure don’t you see?

Best friend, true love, my one soul mate..and you will always be.

This knight of glass, whose sword and shield are pure as his dear heart,

A fragile look, but he won’t break, no trial tear him apart.


Just as the glass is altered by a frightening burning flame,

It is the times that are so hard that prove we will remain.

And though we melt, and change, and hurt, we are better than before,

Knowing that a fragile heart needs gentle love all the more.


The fires go and fires come, the hardships and the pain.

It alters us in many ways that we can not explain.

The fire burns inside our hearts and joins our hearts as one,

And we can never leave the precious love we have begun.


I am not worth the love you give, yet you give to me your heart.

And all I am is yours until the sands of time depart.

My precious knight, your love remains as flawless as the glass,

And my love for you, is burned there too, and it shall never pass.


About The Poem

I wrote this poem for my true love (now my husband of three and a half years) before we were engaged. He came into my life at a very difficult time for me and through facing many fires, became my hero. Through my pain I often pushed him away, mistreated him and begged him to leave. I told myself I didn’t want him close enough to share all the pain I was going through. It would hurt him too much. But through it all he stood strong an gentle, never pushing but always there when I needed him. His kindness was the purest thing I’d ever seen. Needless to say he won my trust, my heart, and my hand in marriage. He was my knight, I always called him that and I was his princess to love and protect.

Things had gotten better and I wanted to show my love in a special way. I went to a glass blowers and asked the woman to craft a knight in armor from the glass. After some time it was complete. The glass as pure as my love’s heart and as fragile as all those broken tears he wiped away. It was my gift to him, and my thanks for rescuing me…my Glass Knight.


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