The Little Things

Funny the memories that stick with you. You always think when you look back you’ll remember the mountain top experiences the most. But it doesn’t really work like that does it?  Oh sure, you won’t forget you greatest accomplishments and adventures…but you remember the simple things the most. That time you laughed so hard over something so stupid you don’t even remember what it was. But you remember laughing. The smells of street vendors wafting toward you as you watch the world pass by. The smile he gave you as he walked away, a promise to come back. It’s the little things that stick with you.

I think when we traveled, that was one of my biggest surprises. I didn’t have to go half way around the world looking for adventure and fascinating experiences. It was an appreciation you had in you or you didn’t. Adventures could be found everywhere once you start looking. It’s the looking that’s most exciting. But of all the amazing places, the things I remember most  were the friends we made, the knowing that you put your heart and soul out there to help someone. It was sitting on a train from Thailand to Cambodia and feeling at peace with the world, my life, everything. It was looking at my husband and knowing that if we were suddenly stranded on a dirt road somewhere along the border, it would be ok as long as we were together. Sometimes it takes getting everything you want to realize that what you really want, you always had. That’s why the things I remember most … are the little things.


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