Dancing In The Rain

Tear drops stain my pillow. The night slips into day.

My bed has been made all night. Outside the sky is gray.

A breeze comes through the window. The silence rips my heart.

I walk along a broken beach. The rain begins to start.

I close my eyes and listen. There is music. There is pain.

There is only one soul on the earth…walking in the rain.

I want to release the heartache. I watch the seagulls fly.

One thing I love about the rain, is no one ever sees you cry.

The ocean spray around me. The sheer beauty life can hold.

You realize pain should not be feared. It makes you very bold.

Footprints in the wet sand. I taste the sky’s sweet tears.

And as I lift my arms above me, I drift away from all my fears.

I close my eyes and smile. My feet move light against the sand.

My coat flaps in the wind. My hair has gone wild. I can finally understand.

I am spinning. I am gliding. It’s not easy to explain…

The overwhelming passion of just dancing in the rain.

There are teardrops all around me. But they will stop someday.

There are crossroads that surround me, but I know I’ll find my way.

And whenever there is heartache, and whenever there is pain,

I know I’ll find peace, and passion…by dancing in the rain.


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