Born From The Silence

Born from the silence and lack of interference,
A lonely heart finds within, coherence.
Once lost, when hope was lost, now found,
By reaching toward the sky, from here, the ground.

Open your eyes to all you shut them to,
The world has nothing changed. The change is you.
Child close your eyes again but not to shield,
Look closer at who you are and gently yield.

The scars and the all the pretty chains that bind you,
All the memories leave them far behind you.
The sorrow here lies in the fact you know,
And knowing you still hesitate to go.

You close your eyes to shut it out,
To experience you are devout.
Naivety despised. You’re lost,
And willing still to claim the cost.

Child, sad child, unclench your fist,
Don’t run, don’t hide, don’t rise to hit.
Listen to your heart, fear not to fall,
Unafraid to loose, you gain it all.

Born from the silence a child is found,
Crying, unseen, from here the ground.
The only hope within him lies,
By reaching up toward foreign skies.


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