Who ever got anywhere by standing in one place?
How is victory achieved except by work and grace?
Who has ever had a hope without a constant dream?
What is judgment if we judge things by how the seem?

Who are we if we abandon things like hope and love?
What are we if we don’t strive to be like God above?
Why listen to the people who say that dreams are unachievable?
If dreams bring hope, and hope brings truth, what’s so unbelievable?

When opposition blocks your path why do you hesitate?
Don’t you know the things you conquer are what make you great?
Will you put aside the things that you already are,
To become something new that can take you far?

What is life if you don’t snatch each chance to achieve?
Where will you find yourself if you will not believe?
How can you reach the finish line if you never start?
How will you change the world if God can’t change your heart?

How will you change your life? What will you do?
Life is filled with questions but…the answers are up to you!


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