I Am Discovery


I am your worst fear. I am a dream come true.
I hold the secrets in every thought, in all you say and do.
I can break you down into a devastated mess,
Or I can raise you up to reach the highest of success.

I can sweep you in my arms, but I fear that you don’t know,
That the moment you stop holding me, that’s when I let you go.
I can unleash bitter torment or beckon peace to heal,
No matter what it is you think I am, you can know that I am real.

I can show you all the very things that you don’t want to see,
And angle them the way I do, so they change drastically.
Oh, but don’t you trust me to keep your heart from feeling pain,
But I do promise that through it all I’ll be there to explain.

I’ll never say you won’t be afraid, for in fact, I terrify.
But if you give me second chances, I swear I’ll make you fly.
I am a door that opens to all portals big and small,
But I am prisoner just to you, who holds the key, that locks them all.

They glory in my name. Each desires to claim my wealth.
I am rarely desired, and sometimes revert, to a means of random stealth.
Still I am locked from all the people who are terrified of me.
Within your heart, you hold the key…I am discovery.


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