A Wing And A Prayer

I toss and turn, unable to sleep. Something just feels wrong.
I look to God to comfort me, but he makes the feeling strong.
Across the miles, He presses in my hand, a broken heart,
And something fragile as a prayer, starts breaking me apart.

There’s a picture of a sweet young girl, stilled there, in my mind’s eye.
Kind and giving, full of life. A radiant butterfly.
Circumstances, broken dreams, a false promise of better things,
Tangle her in pretty lies and break her fragile wings.

Let there be forgiving love for her to come home to,
But if not, than let her find all that she needs in you.
Heal what has been broken, every hidden tender scar,
Don’t let the path she takes in life, take her back too far.

If there was ever healing in your touch, ever love pour from your heart,
Then carry, comfort, restore, and heal, give her a better start.
Guide her when she has no strength, when she’s angry and alone,
When pain and confusion tangle her, please make your presence know.

I could blame the Christians that say only words that cut.
Pointing out how desperate souls are the only doors not shut.
But God I place it in your hands, my broken, whispered prayer.
Blaming not a twisted world, but trusting you can meet her there.

A memory stuck on repeat, how she did love butterflies.
My eyes filled to the brim with tears, the night, close to sunrise.
My words have all run dry, but there’s a prayer my heart still sings,
Oh God give her love and hope and heal her broken wings.


2 thoughts on “A Wing And A Prayer

    1. Shyannah

      Thank you. She’s a dear friend of mine in a very difficult situation and sometimes God just lays her on my heart. I knew her as a teenager so it makes it hard to see her feel like she’s lost her dreams and hope. She’s such a wonderful girl.

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