Maybe Someday is Today

A child’s heart has much more faith than reality can conceive,
But somehow, from child to adult, we forget how to believe.
While to a child someday means it really will come true,
Yet to adults it means the thing’s too difficult to do.

Sometimes someday becomes a means of clinging to a dream,
That we still hope, but don’t believe, we ever will redeem.
The phrase someday becomes a means of hoping while delaying.
And day by day as we day dream we find ourselves saying,

Maybe someday I’ll find time to do that thing I love.
I’ll change my habits and be the kind to dream and rise above.
Maybe someday I’ll find the words to mend the hurt I caused.
Regain respect, forgive myself for all the things I’ve lost.

Is it a shallow hope to lean on? A dream that’s not yet here?
But if you have lost your faith than all that’s left is fear.
Tomorrow always somehow melts each today away,
And someday could be lost forever, if you’re not living for today.

Dreams come true when you live each day like there’s no tomorrow.
Bypass regret and fear … and chance to live a dream not borrowed.
A dream can change and grow and you will grow too in a way,
When you realize that this very day can be your sweet someday.


3 thoughts on “Maybe Someday is Today

  1. Zellie M. Quinn

    Dream and your dreams will not only come true, they will fall short of the life you were meant to live, if only you learn great choices are out there.

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