Pure Heart

Oh Great Spirit, maker of the earth and of the sky,
The God who makes the wind blow and bids the eagle fly
My spirit is quieted, and my eyes are wet like rain.
My soul is full of wanting, and my heart is full of pain.

Give to me a pure heart, that I see as all men should,
And when my path is evil, help me choose a path that’s good.
Let my mouth speak only truth. Let me give peace when I can.
May my medicine be good, and cause harm to no man.

In life, let me live to the fullest of every day.
To give instead of take. To live in a good way.
When I love, let me be giving of all of my heart,
And never let it be anger that stays when I depart.

Never let me waist the gifts you place in the hands of earth.
May I always mourn for death, and always make joy of birth.
Great Spirit, always speak to me. Help me listen with my heart.
And at the end of every journey, show me a better start.

Give to me a pure heart, that flies with wind and rain,
And is ruined not by bitterness when given a great pain.
Help me always give of all that I am, to never live in part,
So that when I walk, my people call me by the name Pure Heart.


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