Living Beautifully

There is so much pain and heartache.
The gentle natured must be tough.
They change who they are for acceptance,
But soon realize it’s never enough.

You judge the world by the people who dwell there,
And by the heart of your every day child.
When the love that he seeks is rejected,
His hope is mankind is defiled.

In a world of broken hearts and dreams,
People fail to believe in the truth.
The old are afraid of their aging,
And the young soon despise their youth.

There is hope overflowing in tomorrow,
If one person would dare to believe,
And in believing, make a day dream real,
And grasp what the world can’t conceive.

If just one would decide to live beautifully,
One voice would be lifted in song,
If one right and sincere heart would speak out,
It would silence a few of the wrong.

If just one would decide to take passion,
Find heart and meaning in each day,
Say a comforting word to a broken soul,
Instead of turning and walking away.

Smell the flower that others would trample.
Give a second chance to the poor man.
Forgive the person who broke your heart,
When in doubt tell yourself that you can.

How simple it is to live beautifully,
But so many walk through life, eyes wide shut.
But if one dares to take the road less traveled,
Then he’ll find himself out of a rut.

In a world of broken hearts seeking comfort,
And of lives that live life dutifully,
There is hope, for the world seeks to follow,
That one life that lives beautifully.


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