A Myth Called Reality

To a dreamer, reality is just a stabilizing myth,
Security for those who fear the passion dreams come with.
Illusion and disillusion, both are visions, but you see,
One is based on what you want, the other on possibility.

Who determines what is real, and what makes up reality?
Is it composed of facts and science, the things the eye can see?
If so then what of miracles and love and sacrifice?
For things like that somehow I think the facts just won’t suffice.

A dreamer paints reality with possibilities,
And lives to see beyond the self imposed realities.
We tell ourselves we must accept, it’s just the way things are,
When fear and not reality forbids that wishing star.

Even reality changes from one person to the next,
Adapted by majority as an acceptable pretext.
Reality is truth I’ve heard some people make that claim,
When in fact one never changes, and one never stays the same.

What you believe determines your personal precept,
Because you choose the things you conquer and those that you accept.
But in truth the only difference between dream and reality,
Is one chooses to be contained, and the other to be free.



One thought on “A Myth Called Reality

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