I Am Truth

I am the darkness that broods in evil. I make the righteous shine.
I am the voice that calls to all, but I am what so few find.
I am a weapon. I am a healer. I am a mystery that you must solve.
I am the ultimate revealer, around me good and evil revolve.

I am a guide to the soul. I bring heartache and I bring laughter.
In the very hearts of men, I am despised and sought after.
I am able to bring both peace and war. I am cruel and I am kind.
I am sober, priceless treasure that too few seek to find.

I am cursed and I am loved. I am a prison. I am the key.
More lies are told in my name, than ever you could see.
Many good things are not true, and yet many bad things are.
I can cause a painful wound. I can heal the tender scar.

I am full of sorrow and full of joy. I am what I’ll always be.
I am what nothing can ever destroy. I am in the one who seeks me.
I am as timeless as the very stars. I am in the youngest youth.
I am sharper than any two-edged sword. By your name, I am Truth.


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