Never Ending Circles

The party scene, they don’t know me,
But I can call by name every person I see.
I know it by heart, this dim lit atmosphere,
I don’t know their problems but I know why they’re here.

I am desperate and hurting in ways I can’t explain,
Finding comfort with others who understand pain.
An unspoken agreement for a temporary ease,
People feeding off each other, it’s a growing disease.

We are infected with heartache and drunk with despair,
Intoxicated beliefs that nobody could care.
I stare down at the bottom of my empty beer glass,
And cuss at the clock as I watch the time pass.

If there was a reason to live, I would give it my all,
But there’s only pain here, no one catches your fall.
We are awakened by pain, so we dare and we fight,
Afraid of the morning we wander all night.

This club is a place I can run to, guaranteed,
To have heartaches forgotten, and pain never freed.
A circulating torment, and a definite flight,
From facing our future…from living life right.


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