Stardust Tears

Why is it when the night has come and the stars light up the sky,
My heart becomes so very old and my soul begins to cry.
There are many things I’m thankful for and I’ve been given much,
But when the earth is silent, there’s a sorrow nothing can touch.

A tear for all the pain I see and all the pain I don’t.
A tear for all the ones who live and all the ones that won’t.
A tear for every life that finds forgiveness that will last.
A tear for each forgotten soul that can’t overcome their past.

My life is good. My heart is full. My love, it overflows,
As do my tears for all the souls, who’s pain only God knows.
I feel God here. The stars, His tears, that glitter in the sky,
And I am comforted in His peaceful, soulful, lullaby.

His arms reach all the way around our hurting little world.
Around each heart that asks Him come, His fingers gently curled.
And for the ones who just don’t know that there is such a love,
My heart breaks. My prayers and tears go up to God above.

It’s quiet under moonlight. It is only God and I,
Talking with each other, listening to each other cry.
When dawn comes I’ll dry my eyes and stretch loving arms out wide,
Remembering other people’s tears, and those God and I cried.


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