Keep a Dream In Your Pocket

Explorer. Hippie. Wanderer. Gypsy. Nomad.

I wonder what I would have been had I been born in another time. Of course, we all have a point in time that we would have loved to live in. A life that would fulfill our wildest dreams. My mom would have loved a little-house-on-the-prairie kind of life. My friend would have loved a Victorian, tea and crumpets kind of life. My husband seems perfectly fitted to a technological, research and action kind of life.

Me? I still can’t decide if I would be happier writing while sitting on the steps of a gypsy wagon under an ink black sky, or digging for stories in a foreign country in a time when travel was so much different.

I guess it doesn’t really matter in the end, because we all find ourselves lost in daydreams for only a moment before returning to our present lives. Lives that could be just as beautiful as our dreams if we would only believe that they could be.

I struggle with that sometimes. I am such a dreamer, but when I come back to earth, I forget to carry my dreams with me, to look at them as a truth to be planned into my life. There are so many things I want to do with my life.

So I made a list and I picked one. Just one. And I did it. Filled with surprised hope and renewed energy, I rode the wind of my success. But how too quickly we forget that everyday can be that way. Have a dream, take a chance and ride the winds of your success or hold your head high, determined to try again for it tomorrow. The most important thing is to have a dream and to keep it with you as you make everyday decisions.

So empty your pockets of doubt, in yourself or in your dream, pessimism, fear, and second-choice plans and put a dream in your pocket. Keep it there, with you, and remember to look at it every time you have a choice to make.


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