It Lies In The Moment

I got lost in chasing dreams, until all my time was spent.
Thinking I could prove myself in the light of some big moment.
Desperate to find who I am, in the answer of what I achieve.
Unsatisfied that who you are is just what you believe.

In the arms of gentle solitude, rocked to the music of the rain,
I would sit and think for hours, how to overcome the pain.
Constantly giving up my life in pursuit of an unseen prize,
When the only things of lasting value were right before my eyes.

After loosing everything I loved for the pursuit of a vanishing dream,
I realized how subtle life’s complications are, and how harmless they can seem.
I got lost in trying to keep from loosing who I have become,
Puzzled when my subtractions in life would yield to me no sum.

The difference I was searching for is found from day to day,
With every person that you love and all you do and say.
It’s the hope that in all people there is a glint of good.
It’s in discovering the answers to things you never understood.

It’s being afraid to say what’s in your heart, but saying it anyway.
It’s walking into the eye of the storm, and seeing the light of day.
True purpose lies not only in the things that you achieve,
But in the time you give to others and all that you believe.

The difference that you’re searching for to make you stand apart,
Can never be found in reaching goals, it’s only in your heart.
Now that I realize what it was I was chasing all along…
That moment I was searching for, is the moment that is gone.


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