Pretty Painted Lies

There are many things in life, that bring tears to your eyes,
But perhaps nothing more than pretty painted lies.
Fragile truths we push away like nagging little voices,
Telling us delicately to be careful of our choices.

Lies that we cling to, for they give us the illusion,
Of everything that we want most, while it wraps us in confusion.
See the truth if you dare, and let go of all the lies.
You hesitate because you fear the breaking of all ties.

A lie, then two, and more and more as the colors blend,
Forcing you to live a life of doubt and false pretend.
It’s ok. It doesn’t matter. It’s too late anyway.
These are just a few more lies that you yourself will say.

I’m broken now. Can’t change the past. It’s just my personality.
Things will change. Someday I will. You say with such finality.
But then you see a glimpse of truth and long with broken heart,
To change your life, to leave the lies, to find a brand new start.

Clutching tightly to the toy of pretty painted lies,
And wishing with you heart and soul someone would hear your cries.
Loosen you grasp on lies and fear, you must break faulty ties,
To find the new beginning, just let go of pretty lies.


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