If I Had A Chance To Live

I will be a mighty conqueror. I will be a gentle voice.
I could be someone of peace, if just given the choice.
I’ll comfort someone’s broken heart. I’ll discover something new.
I will fight for all that I will learn is good, and just, and true.

If I could speak I’d tell you all that could be planned for me,
Everything that I could change…and do, and say, and be.
I am not a mistake. I am a soul with something to give.
I want the chance to learn and grow, to see, to breath, to live.

I will be a dreamer and set goals that touch the sky.
I could help the entire earth…or at least I could try.
I could learn of pain and love, and what it means to see,
The point of view that only comes from the One who made me.

They say I am not alive, but if such a thing is true,
Then why is my heart beating deep inside of you?
Why do I feel pain…and I have no tears to cry.
Won’t you give me just one chance to live before I die?

I’m sorry you’re not happy, and you do not love me still,
But if you just give me the chance, I’m sure someday you will.
Whether you believe it or not, I have something to give.
Maybe I could change the world…if I had the chance to live.


2 thoughts on “If I Had A Chance To Live

    1. Shyannah

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! And I really enjoyed your poem “Craft Takes Time”. I think it really does describe most every writer. It was beautiful!

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